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A place for musicians and performers to tell their stories.

Explore the life behind the performer.

Learning through a musician's narrative is the way to raise awareness of the lives behind the motives for succeeding in music. Topics raised so far include the mental health and well-being of artists and the struggles endured. Hearing the stories of musicians' lives keeps us connected to the truth. The journey of self-belief and perseverance is not easy and deserves attention and credit. The journey has many ups and downs, as failures and successes are experienced throughout. This platform is available for all musicians across the globe as a source for expressing the importance of good mental health and wellbeing.

Your life is your music! Your experience and your words are gifts to the world when shared. People want to know the person behind the performer. Musicians have great stories to tell, and they are all unique.
Mel wants to hear your story and broadcast it to the world.


Your words are your internal narratives.
Many times, musicians suffer in silence. The stage and creativity become the escape route for an artist. The stage becomes a safe place to express, and songwriting is a free space to explore deep narrative fully. Rarely do musicians get the chance to investigate their troubles openly as the façade of the public performer takes over. Delicate news travels fast with the media with the artist must contend with. FMM is a safe platform to convey deep narratives and help performers unravel their stories in a secure environment.


FMM are available for new musicians and existing as an opportunity to be aired on most major platforms. If there is any topic you would like to discuss, please get in touch with FMM. Under the microscope and on the cusp, subjects will be aired here. All topics are welcome. FMM is particularly interested in mental health, physical challenges, poverty, and other adversities faced as a musician. Contact FMM.




This section talks about Mel's inspiration behind Facing Mel's Music and the basis for the concept.

Mel started out in music as an aspiring young singer at the age of twelve. She was a young adolescent with the world for her oyster. By thirteen she was wooing audiences with her powerful and womanly voice, which certainly did not match her build! Mel had her whole life ahead of her with the prospects of a lucrative music career. She had a plan of fulfilling dreams and aspirations to become a globally recognised singer, but her life went in a whole other direction.


Battling with abuse for years, her story tells you how she fled from her hometown to seek safety. She succumbed to an internal state of solitude, with depression and emptiness at the centre of her being. Reliving her dark times daily, her saving grace was a life of music.

Mel truly understands struggles and all elements involved in an artist's life. She believes it can be both a rewarding and daunting experience. Her concerns lie with the person behind the facade of the performer as she believes an artist can feel bouts of emptiness, and loneliness from time to time. Artists are challenged with balancing personal hardships whilst building a career that displays the opposite impression, non-visible to the public.

Mel describes her phases of losing identity, losing family, and above all losing trust and a sense of belonging, all replaced with deep insecurity.

Battling with anxiety and depression for many years Mel experienced panic attacks as a young woman, initially she wasn't even aware of what these panic attacks were.

Mel was fortunate to have help from her mentor who entered her life when she was fifteen years old. Acclaimed record producer and songwriter Mike Myers. Through him, she built on her self belief and resilience, found through making music and recording. This profound relationship had support at the core. Mel recognises the importance of support as she reflects on her own experiences. She now works with her clients to assist them through their challenges.


It took years to grasp a newfound strength. It was Mel's inner strength and spirituality that paved the way for her to overcome her obstacles. 

Mel achieved her Degree in Counselling and her Master of Music. The journey of becoming a person-centred counsellor helped her gain self-awareness and expanded on her understanding of other people's processes. Healing people became a significant process to the healing of her own life.

Things to Think About

The Hardship of Making it


Artists strive to make their mark within the arts. Regardless of the art, there is great struggle. Generally, it involves pain and hardship to pursue this type of goal unless you are fortunate. Without putting anyone off, you should pursue something you are good at, but it is a good idea to be equipped with as much information as you possibly can. There are many elements to making it. 


Resilience & Inspiration

Young people are our inspiration. 

Resilience and a will to carry on despite hardships are admirable and deserve support. Sometimes, a ray of hope or a listening ear is all that's needed for musicians to carry on.

You can contact us here for your counselling and coaching needs.

Artists in the Making

Musicians and performing artists experience the most incredible journeys when building their artistry. New artists on the rise strive to embark on stardom as they take their careers to new heights. Support and guidance are essential tools to ensure the person reaches their destination in one piece! Meltopia Coaching Service provides one-to-one sessions to match your needs regardless of your level.

Mel Golding is offering her bespoke services to artists on the rise and artists seeking personal and professional assistance to maintain status. Visit: for more information or hit the contact link for more information. 


Loving the discovery of such amazing artists around the world! 

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